The Judges' Guild

The Arabian Judge and Officials Guild of Australia Pty Ltd

The Arabian Judges and Officials Guild of Australia is a company solely owned and founded by the AHSA. The Guild is recognised as the official Arabian judges training, accrediting and licensing authority for AHSA licensed judges. The Guild is also responsible for certifying all other show officials, such as marshals, ring stewards, swabbing stewards, show secretaries, examiners and the like. 

The Judges & Officials Guild replaces the outdated model of the JEC, and, for the most part, has very few basic differences. The key difference is that the Guild is now the legal autonomous governing body for all Arabian horse judges, acting on behalf of the Society to licence, train, educate, accredit, grade and govern judges & officials, as well as to manage the show rules and gradings for all AHSA affiliate shows. All Arabian judges must hold a current judges licence with the Guild to remain active on the AHSA list of panel judges. Once licensed, the Guild Council notify the AHSA Board with the recommendation that the qualified judge(s) be appointed to the AHSA judges' list. 

The Guild | Core Aims, Objectives & Functions

Management of The Guild is governed by an Executive Council, comprised of four to five (4 to 5) appointed Councillors,as well as the AHSA Chairperson. 

The current Guild Councillors are: 

  • Allan Preston - Chief Councillor - Ph 0416 183 478 
  • Deb Watson -  Treasurer - Ph 0408 656 776
  • Leonie Williamson - Secretary - Ph 0407 775 200 
  • Annette Vickery - Councillor - Ph 0418 251 580
  • Selina Ahel - Councillor - Ph 0417 536 473
  • Greg Liddle - AHSA Chairperson 

The Guild is also comprised of a working committee, which includes five (5) elected delegates representing four (4) regions of Australia: NSW/ACT - VIC/TAS - QLD/NT - WA/SA 

The current Guild Working Delegates are: 

 All correspondence for matters pertaining to The Guild should be directed to: