The Guild | Core Aims, Objectives & Functions

Core Aims & Objectives of The Guild

  • To licence judges and submit to the AHSA Board a list of persons competent to act as judges of Arabian horses at any Show, whether promoted or sponsored by the Society or otherwise.
  • To train, educate accredit and examine judges of all levels in all areas of knowledge required and necessary to best perform the task needed by the AHSA for a judge to be appointed onto their list of panel judges. In furtherance to this, to re-evaluate or reassess as necessary any and all judges to maintain and or expand on their qualifications.
  • To develop strategies to ensure that the ethical principles of judging or being a judge are followed, maintained and upheld. In furtherance to this, to develop, add, adjust, remove or enforce any rules guidelines protocols and systems that uphold a high level of sportsmanship and ‘Fair Play’ in competition.
  • To develop and encourage systems of assessment that uphold the core aims and fundamental principles of the Standard of Excellence for the Purebred Arabian and the Arabian Derivative breeds.  
  • To create and develop any necessary sub-committees to assist in the achievement of all core aims, objectives and functions.
  • To develop protocols and procedures for achieving the above listed aims.

Functions of The Guild Council & Working Committee Delegation

These functions encompass, but are not limited to:

  • To assist the AHSA in maintaining a list of qualified Judges and develop progressive ways of distributing this list.
  • To maintain the rulebook and to ensure that practices are in place to assure that these rules are upheld.
  • To organise or conduct workshops, seminars training days, examinations, assessments, introduction days, meetings and the annual Judges, Members & Enthusiasts Congress for Judges and trainee Judges.
  • To encourage the development of state/regional judges’ groups within the construct of The Guild Working Delegation.
  • To ensure all Judges & Officials have a valid, signed contract on file with The Guild annually. A valid contract must be submitted and received by The Guild prior to 01 July each calendar year.
  • To ensure that all Judges & Officials adhere to all Guild & AHSA requirements for annual Guild reaccreditation and annual AHSA reappointment to the approved Judges List.
  • To inform judges of rule changes, updates, seminars, training days, open Judges meetings or reaccreditation requirements, when necessary.  
  • To deal with concerns or complaints from members or people in regard to Judges and Officials.
  • To maintain and keep on file things like, but not limited to: judges contracts, judges returns, reports, letters, examinations, assessment results, show statistics, etc.
  • To develop relationships with similar judging bodies, groups, organisation or clubs within Australasia as well as internationally.
  • To grade AHSA-affiliated, RAS-level shows and internationally recognised horse shows, and to develop guidelines for these gradings to ensure that an expected standard for shows is maintained and the appropriate level of licensed judge is properly appointed.
  • To assist with the development and maintenance of a high standard for risk management at all Arabian affiliate shows and events, especially pertaining to safety and welfare of Judges and Officials.
  • To work cooperatively with the AHSA to ensure that all Judges and Officials are adequately insured, to protect their health and welfare whilst operating as a licensed official, under the current insured cover structure offered with AHSA membership.
  • To develop and implement procedures and practises that assist Judges and Officials to protect the welfare of horses at shows.
  • To develop and deliver to the Board of Directors budget strategies for the management and operation of The Guild
  • To write and submit reports, updates and suggestions to the Board of Directors as required.