The Australian Arabian National Championships 2021 - Update For Members

Dear Members,

The Board of Directors are carefully monitoring the Covid-19 situation in Victoria and have sought advice from the insurance company and solicitor. As advised last week, the Society has tasked the Events Committee with determining whether the AANC should be conducted however this is subject to any Covid-related incidents and lockdowns. Should a government lockdown be in force then there would be no option but to cancel the show. Victoria commences a 5 day Stage 4 lockdown from midnight tonight and some states currently have closed their borders with Victoria. Depending on the outcome next week the government lockdown will be extended or removed.

The Board will continue to consult with the Events Committee regarding the feasibility of conducting the event, which at this stage is still proceeding. Please be assured that the Board and the Events Committee are very keen to have the show proceed but only if it is deemed safe to do so. Members will be kept informed of any change to status of the event.

The Board of Directors
The AHSA Ltd.