The Australian Arabian National Championships 2021 - Advice For Members

Dear Members,

The Events committee were advised on 14th January 2021 of conditions that needed to be met for the AANC to go ahead.

These conditions included:

  1. Financial budget of $70,000 (inclusive of gst) received from exhibitor income, the $70,000 is the figure stated in the AANC budget to break even assuming no unforeseen extra costs occur.
  2. Exhibitor and associated show income was to be received in full by end of January.
  3. Any interstate judges that could not make the show could not be replaced.
  4. In the event of COVID-19 incident the event would be cancelled immediately.

The Board acknowledges that item 1 has been met according to the exhibitor reports provided by the Events committee. Some associated show income is still outstanding but is anticipated. Judges will only be replaced where necessary and preferably from Victoria.

The Board has concerns relating to the current COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria and the potential for COVID incidents in other states. The Board is also mindful of the cost incurred by exhibitors in preparing for the show and disappointment that may occur should the show be cancelled. The Board acknowledges that these inconveniences will escalate should the show need to be cancelled closer to the proposed date. The Board has also received correspondence from exhibitors and officials who are concerned about the prospect of the event proceeding, these concerns are valid and need to be acknowledged. The Board also has concerns with regards to misleading and negative comments relating to the show and Board involvement including on social media platforms.


The Events committee previously advised competitors that they will help/host any competitors and horses in the event of a Covid related lockdown. The Events Committee will ensure that horses and people have accommodation but the cost of this will not be borne by the Events Committee or the AHSA Ltd.

Members are advised that if the show does go ahead and is cancelled during the event or is cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice of the event, based on the reports given by the event committee for suppliers and deposits, AHSA will incur a loss of over $35,000

As the financial concerns have been resolved, the Board therefore has chosen to put the onus on the Event committee to determine whether the show should proceed, acknowledging that should the show proceed and need to be cancelled the events committee will be held accountable.

The response from the Events committee is as follows:

“Regarding Covid the Events committee is happy to proceed with the following:

COVID incident would mean government restrictions that would make the show untenable either by imposing border or regional movement restrictions or imposing orders that would make it exceedingly difficult to continue with the show. It would also include the situation where any participant (exhibitor, judge, helper) or Boneo staff returned a positive covid test and the event had to be cancelled.

They also agree to the following statement:

In answer to the question regarding accountability. The AANC organising committee agree that if it needs to be cancelled in the future that they accept & acknowledge that it was their decision & responsibility to conduct the Show and NOT lay the blame with the Board.

Conditions of entry to the 2021 AANC include advice that all people attend the event with the understanding that no financial reimbursement is available by the Society for any incident arising out of Covid-19.

The Events Committee have advised that they feel that the show should proceed, and it is therefore now confirmed to be held at Boneo Equestrian Centre 3-6 March 2021 subject to there being no Government related restrictions imposed that would make conducting the show untenable.

The Board of Directors

The AHSA Ltd