The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. Board Elections for 2017/2018

The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. 2017/2018 Board Elections have concluded and we are pleased to announce that the elected Board Members are:

New South Wales - Mr Allan Preston and Mr Graham Smith

Queensland – Mrs Leonie Williamson (unopposed)

Tasmania – Mrs Yvonne Downes

Western Australia – Ms Karen Fletcher-Grieve (unopposed)

Victoria – Mrs Kristin Galea (unopposed)

All elected directors will take office at our AGM in March 2017. The AHSA Board of Directors congratulates the new directors and also wishes to thank the outgoing Directors for their invaluable knowledge, and eagerness to serve the Members of The AHSA Ltd. The election was managed by Elections Australia Pty Ltd and a full Report from Election Australia Pty Ltd can be found here.