Terrible News, Can You Help ?

Hi, by now many of you have heard of our Director Karen's, terrible accident.  As you can see one of her great friends has set up a "Go Fund Me" Account. I will put it simply, Karen has enough on her mind right now without the added future stress of knowing how she is going to cope financially. I know the Arabian horse community is a very close and generous one, well in reality the whole equine world is, if you can afford a few dollars please go to this site and make a donation, and please, share this far and wide, the more people that see it the better.

And for those that dont know, this is from Karen, in her own words:

"Just so everybody knows, I had an accident yesterday. I was riding my beautiful Spatch, trotting along happily, when he stumbled in a bit of a hole and I tumbled. I broke my back severely, will be in hospital for months and probably won't walk again. Thanks to all who are helping me during this transition to my new life. You know who you are".