Letter To Members

18th September 2019

Dear Members,

The main purpose of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd (AHSA) is to maintain the integrity of the Studbook and Registries for the Arabian breeds in Australia and to facilitate the registration, transfer and ownership of Arabian and Arabian Derivative horses for its members. In support of this core business mandate, the AHSA is also charged with promotion of the Arabian & Arabian Derivative horses within the greater equine community.

Most recently, the AHSA Board of Directors (Board) has been preoccupied with distractions arising from within the membership that have inhibited them from devoting the necessary time and resources to these critical responsibilities. The persistent focus on these matters has had further deleterious effects on both the duties of the AHSA Office Team as well as on the bottom line of the annual operating budget. The Board has determined that it is essential that they are able to perform the duties that the Members have elected them to do. The future of the Arabian Horse in Australia and the AHSA must be maintained at all costs.

To best position the AHSA for success and progress moving forward, both financially and operationally, the Board has resolved that the AHSA owned and controlled subsidiaries, The Arabian Horse Judges & Officials Guild of Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 626 200 520) (Guild) and The Arabian Horse Shows & Events Company of Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 626 199 219) (Events Company), should be wound up immediately. It is intended that all assets and intellectual property of the subsidiaries will be transferred to the AHSA. The Directors of the subsidiaries and the Board are working collaboratively with the assistance of MinterEllison to ensure that the subsidiaries are wound up by way of the correct legal process.

The Guild is recognized as the most formally structured and inclusively comprehensive training and licensing organizing body for judges and officials in the long successful history of the AHSA. The achievements of the Guild, focused on the education and training of judges, have been considerable in a relatively short of amount time, including: instituting the annual Judges, Members & Enthusiasts Congress; developing training modules for potential judges; organizing numerous clinics for aspiring judges; and conducting assessments for those wishing to become judges or progress to higher judging levels, all of which will reap rewards for the AHSA, as well as for the equine industry, for years to come. A record number of members have expressed interest in judging under the encouragement of the Guild Directors. Under the guidance of and with accountability to the Board, a Judge Training Scheme will continue to achieve the goals originally set up by the Board for the Guild. We sincerely thank each of the dedicated members who have served on the Guild for their professional service to the AHSA, and look forward to working with these committed volunteers moving forward.

We are also grateful to the Events Company team of dedicated volunteers who have successfully collaborated with the AHSA to organise and produce the Australian Arabian National Championships since 2015, and since 2017, the Australian Arabian Youth National Championships. This successful partnership will continue under the supervision of the Board. We are confident both premier events showcasing the Arabian and Arabian Derivative breeds will remain financially viable well into the future, serving the Society well in the process with innovation, positive exposure and essential breed promotion.


Greg Liddle