Junior Development, Promotions, and Membership Report May 2016

The Committee met on Saturday, May 21st 2016 , at the office of AHSA. Present Leonie Williamson (AHSA Chairman), myself (sub-committee Chairman), Allan Preston, Richard Shipton, Clint Bilson, Yvonne Downes, Deb Watson, and Glenys Lilley. We are also now conducting more online meetings between our face to face Board meetings.

The priority of the new combined sub-committee at the May meeting was to put together a mission statement of objectives and time lines for achieving them (see attached). Budgets for these objectives will be made as needed.

Social media was discussed at length. It was agreed that it is a necessary valuable promotional tool that reaches the entire world, potentially attracting members and encouraging people’s involvement with the Arabian Horse. However, the negative posts and videos that appear also reach the entire world. We have discussed the formulation of social media guidelines many times, in consultation with our solicitor. We have now completed and published our official Social Media Guidelines.

Whilst we cannot control all posts and comments put up by individuals using their own accounts, we can ensure that Facebook posts representing AHSA only promote Arabians and the society in a positive light. It was therefore decided to close our current Facebook page, and re-create it as a Promotional page for positive communication only. As an incentive for AHSA members, it was also decided to create a Members only Facebook group where specific information can be disseminated. All posts and comments on these two forums must be administration approved. Members requiring information or with issues and complaints are encouraged to contact the office, ring a Board member, or write to the Board via the Secretary. As well as Facebook, we are also looking into having a regular presence in other online and print horse publications.

The AHSA website was discussed, and it was reported that the new upgraded version is close to being launched. It will be easier to navigate, will have additional features as well as some interactivity for members.

In other promotional matters, it was moved that we continue to support Endurance in each State / Region with sponsorship for AHSA members who are riders and/or breeders of registered Arabians and Derivatives who successfully complete chosen rides. We continually work with the Endurance fraternity to encourage registration of horses so that bloodlines can be traced and recorded.

The next Board meeting will be held on August 20th and 21st.

Karen Fletcher-Grieve
Sub-committee Chairperson.