Hoofprints In History - Price Reduction

Do you have your comprehensive and definitive history of the Arabian Horse in Australasia yet?

Take advantage of this great End of Financial Year Price Reduction now!
The first 250 Commemorative Copies of Hoofprints In History have been signed by one or all of the following contributors and dignitaries:
Editor - Sharon Meyers, one of the authors - Coralie Gordon, current AHSA Chairperson and author of the foreword - Leonie Williamson and Peter Pond - current WAHO President.

Commemorative Copies, numbered from 1-55 are sold out, as are a large number of the remaining Commemorative Copies numbered from 55-250, so get yours now....

Prices from 1st July are as follows:
Commemorative Signed and Numbered copies 55 - 250 are $70, plus postage.
Un-numbered copies are $50, plus postage.

Postage within Australia costs $15. 

For International Postage Prices, please contact the AHSA Office.

To place an order, either call or email receipts@ahsa.asn.au at the AHSA.