Championships Report May 2016

The Committee met on Friday May 21st, at the office of AHSA. Present; Mrs Leonie Williamson, Mr Clint Bilson, Mr Scott Benjamin, Mr Allan Preston, Ms Karen Fletcher-Grieve, Mrs Deb Watson, Mr Richard Shipton, Ms Helen Dohan.

The championships meeting opened with a brief rundown on the Championships just gone, the proposed profit (Just waiting on some final payments to come through). The show has made a profit that will see the next years Championships with a good kick start for the show. A lot of discussion was had on things that we need to tweak for the next year’s show and some of this is already underway. We also discussed ideas for next show in order to build on what we already have. It was proposed that we run a second hand gear market on one afternoon of the show and I put my hand up to organise that. We also took on board that some of the results and scoring need to be addressed for next year. We did discuss the use of the arenas and it was decided that we will endeavour to utilise the arena closer to the indoor. There was a great deal of discussion about the distance between the two rings and the time it took to get there. We also decided that the other breed shows need more time for promotion and more advertising by ourselves and the relevant societies. Overall it was a huge success and we have managed to get Scott to be on board for the next one. We requested that the JEC put forward a list of judges for next year.

We also discussed some of the issues surrounding the stabling and camping and decided that those wishing to be stabled and/or camped together would need to get together and have all the stabling and camping on one entry form. There were also issues with vans coming on site and being plugged in prior to the competitor arriving and the consequent charges. These along with other issues saw uncovered costs being forwarded to the show and measures will be put in place to prevent this in future years.

We discussed the way forward and decided that we needed to actively seeking members to join our hard-working and proactive team. Our aim is to create a world-class event run BY Australians FOR Australians. Anyone who may be interested is encouraged to contact Scott Benjamin, Leonie Williamson, the office or myself to discuss. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Clint