Archives Report May 2016

The Archives Committee met on Saturday, May 21st, at the office of AHSA. Present; Mrs Leonie Williamson, Mrs Yvonne Downes, Gudrun Martini.


To preserve and protect the historical records of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia, major breeders and significant horses, by collating recording and maintaining existing material the AHSA has on hand, and accepting/acquiring records and information that are significant to the Arabian horse in Australia.


To complete an audit of what material the AHSA currently has, and to store and file it in a practical and professional manner so that the information is easily accessible.


To place items on a slideshow to be viewed on a reasonably large screen in the AHSA office, and which could be issued (or sold) to affiliates if desired.


To place special items on display in the AHSA office, on a rotational basis if necessary, in a safe environment for the enjoyment and interest of all Arabian horse lovers.


In order to complete the audit of items already in storage, the Board will devote some extra time around AHSA meetings to :-

  • Identify, collate and record material on hand
  • Safely store the material in a designated position
  • Nominate items to be put on the slideshow
  • Prepare and present items for the slideshow
  • Set up the slideshow in the AHSA office
  • Advise affiliates of the slideshow and how to acquire it

Time has been allocated before the August Board meeting to collate, record and store some of the items already in the office. Some other items, recently provided to the Society, are currently being scanned and digitally stored before the actual items are being collated and filed in the office.