Arabian Performance Index (API) – Clarification

This register was initiated by the Board of the AHSA to encourage new members, to celebrate the Arabian blood in low percentage horses and to encourage these owners into higher percentage horses in the future. The concept was to have classes at our Arabian shows that these horses could enter that would possibly also assist the affiliates with higher horse entries. With this it was hoped that these owners would become owners of Registered Derivatives in the future and be eligible for the higher awards offered at our shows.

As often is the case when those very close to an idea and concept understand that they fail in their efforts to communicate this effectively. Unfortunately, this is the case and the Board has needed to set further rules to eliminate any further issues. These rules are effective immediately except where the show schedule has been published. If the schedule has been published it is at the discretion of the show committee.


  1. The Arabian Derivative Registries (A, AP, ARP, HA, PA, QA, ASH, AW) shall collectively be referred to as ‘Arabian Derivative Breed’
  2. The API shall be referred to ‘Arabian Performance Index’. API are RECORDED horses with less than 12.45% Arabian blood, are not eligible for a derivative breed registration and are therefore ineligible for classes that are for registered breed horses.
  3. Arabian Affiliate Shows shall provide either separate API classes or Open classes that API horses may enter e.g. Open Galloway Hack
  4. API horses are not eligible for Champion or Supreme Arabian Breed awards.
  5. Affiliates may restrict classes as they see fit to promote API but must not disadvantage Arabian Breed horses
  6. API horses are eligible for Rider classes and classes not specific to an Arabian/Arabian derivative breed.

The AHSA would like its members and affiliates to support the API and to lobby other shows to include API classes into the Arabian Program. The success of this initiative will be a team effort and we hope that we can rely on you the member to play your part.