Arabian Horse History Book Project | Advertising & Editorial Content Requested

Be an essential part of an extraordinary opportunity & share your story with the Arabian horse with breeders & owners around the world.

The Arabian Horse Society of Australia, in collaboration with the exceptional talent & vision of Sharon Meyers & Vink Publishing, is planning to document the unique history of the Arabian horse in Australia & New Zealand in a special book project. This important and comprehensive chronicle will feature more than 70 pages of editorial dedicated solely to the history of the Arabian horse in both countries, detailing the breeders, the programmes and the horses that have been essential to the success of the Arabian breed across all disciplines of equine sport.

The collection of historical stories from key breeders throughout the Arabian community in both countries has already begun. We are actively seeking further stories from as many breeders across the broadest spectrum of the Arabian breed as possible, to most accurately and inclusively create the most compelling & complete historical record.    

In addition, we are actively seeking membership collaboration on this vital book project with advertising support. Advertising with both editorial and photos will afford each breeder a further opportunity to showcase their horses & programme to the global Arabian community. The greater the support received in advertising dollars, the more expansive the book project can become, allowing for more pages of editorial beyond the core 70 pages, and a further opportunity to share more of our unique story with the rest of the world. The book launch will coincide with the WAHO 2019 Conference in February 2019, making the final product available to the ideal target audience as an invaluable keepsake.     

Our vision for this project is a hard cover, coffee table-style book of 150+ pages showcasing our horses, our breeders and our inspiring story with the Arabian horse. We invite each of you to be an essential part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.    

Advertising Rate: $550/page

Please contact either Sharon Meyers or Michael Vink with your Editorial Content, Farm Story & Advertising Support

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