An update from Junior Development Grant recipient, Rebecca Radny

Dear Helen,

I am a lucky recipient of the AHSA Junior Development Grant.  You asked if I could give you updates from time to time on my progress, so I hope the following is suitable.

I am using this grant to help me achieve my ultimate goal of representing Australia at the 2017 World  Youth Endurance Championships (WECY) in Italy .

I thought I might advise you on my progress towards achieving this massive goal which would not be possible without a huge amount of help and support from  the Arabian Horse and  wider equestrian community.

To achieve the first steps towards competing at International Endurance events , there is a lot of qualifying that must be undertaken.   Firstly the rider and the horse must have qualified Endurance status (ie have completed the prerequisite number of AERA 40km Training and 80km Endurance rides). Then we need to start on our ‘star’ qualifications, which are the FEI qualifications. To begin the FEI rides, you have to register with the FEI and also become a member of your state division of the EA.  The star grades become increasingly challenging.  The first level is a one star which is a ride of 80 -119km.  I completed this requirement last year on the Arabian mare, Brookleigh Shiralee kindly leased to me by Fia Cumming and Talea Hasko- Stewart.   Then the next step is a 2 star which is a distance of 120km -139km in which  I again rode the very capable Shiralee and we were successful . As we got to know each other better, we were able to present her to the vets very quickly and we recorded the overall lowest present times of the event . 

For the WYEC the qualifications are that the rider must have completed 3 x 2* events (one of which must be with their nominated WECY horse and at a minimum average ride speed of 14km/hr within 24 months of the WYEC). The horse must also complete minimum requirements.

It is a big challenge to complete these requirements as Australia does not have many FEI rides on the calendar.

At the end of last year I had the fantastic opportunity to work at OSO Arabians (managed by Andrew and Amanda Kettlewell). OSO Arabians are committed to fostering youth in Endurance and have their eyes set firmly on OSO horses competing at the WEYC.

The Endurance Australia committee conducted an intensive 2 day conference in Melbourne in  mid- January 2016 which I attended. This meeting was open to all interested Endurance people who are keen to compete in the International arena.   This includes the World Endurance Champs in Dubai in Dec, 2016, the WECY in 2017 and looking ahead to the WEG in Canada in 2018.  The conference was very well attended and one of the major outcomes for the meeting was the announcement of a team camp to be held in April and an FEI ride to be held in May, with another  being planned for July/August. 

So the Endurance future is looking very exciting !    

Both photos Credit to Amanda Kettlewell

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Radny

Junior Member