2020/2021 Board Nominee Questionaire Responses

Earlier this month, all 2020/2021 Board of Director Nominees were sent a questionaire relating to their experiences as well as their objectives if elected as a Director.

Participation was purely voluntary and the responses received from candidates can be found below or download as a pdf by clicking here:

Question 1:
Briefly describe your background history with Arabians and Arabian Derivatives. This can be as a breeder, owner, exhibitor etc.
NSW – Tanya Hosking
I have been involved with horses from the early age of five progressing through pony club, gymkhanas through to open class shows. I initially dabbled in Welsh A and B’s, and my first arabian was an arabian Pony, Esperenca Sha-lee purchased in 1995. This was the beginning of my love for arabians.
In 1996 I bred my first Arabian Pony from a Welsh A and a purebred Arabian mare that I had leased, and I also purchased my first purebred arabian, Simeon Sihon. I became addicted to this beautiful breed and that led to my next purebred arabian from Wybalena Lodge in 1999, a gelding by Amir El Shaklan. In 2004 my involvement in the breed intensified when I moved to NSW; I became the Secretary for the NSW Arabian Horse Association and assisted my husband in the running of a training centre.
I am President of the Arabian Horse Connection Inc. For the past two years my committee and I have had wonderful success with our two annual shows: Double Diamond Arabian Showcase and Young Stars of the Future. These two shows have been a roaring success by creating an exciting and progressive introduction to our industry for newcomers and an enjoyable atmosphere for those already within the industry. Over the years I have been a successful exhibitor and have won several Australian Championship titles of my own. This year I have bred two beautiful foals, an arabian pony and a purebred arabian. I am truly looking forward to campaigning these youngsters and am hoping they have big futures ahead of them.
NSW – Adam King
Breeder, Owner and exhibitor with Australian Champions both in Halter and in performance.
For a number of decades I was the Managing Director of one the largest and most successful training centres in the nation. Arabians, Warmbloods, Andalusians, thoroughbreds, American Miniatures and Welsh Ponies.
During this time I also founded and managed a small marketing business, principally servicing the horse community.
I’ve conducted seminars all over Australia and New Zealand on training, weaning, conditioning, conformation and marketing.
As a National Panel Judge with the Ahsa, Ive has enormous experience judging Halter and Performance, again in every corner of Australia and New Zealand and a few very memorable international appointments.
I’ve been very active with judge training and youth judging and am a strong advocate for youth and amateur.
For the NSW ARABIAN Assoc I served as Publicity officer, Vice President and then President. 
I’ve imported and exported both horses and semen and I’ve been Fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of travel, visit farms and training centres all over the globe and participate in some of the the most prestigious shows and sales.
Blessed to have been able to live my passion and follow my dream. My most joyful moments are with just my horse. .
NSW – Greg Liddle
My interest in Arabian horses goes back to the seventies when I first saw Aethon at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The first Arabian show that I exhibited at was NSW State Titles held at Oakhill College. I mainly bred derivatives and Arabian Ponies until 17 years ago when my partner and I ventured into Arabians. I have been lucky enough to breed and exhibit horses and ponies at the highest level with success.
QLD – Doug Rutherford
During my 40 plus years involvement with Arabian and Arabian derivatives horses, I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to breed, condition, train and show many of Australia’s top show horses. For many years I managed and trained for two of Australia’s most prominent and successful Arabian breeding farms and in later years continued with our own influential stallion and bloodlines. I have ridden and encouraged others to compete with their Arabians in Hack ,Costume and Stockhorse classes
QLD – Kathy Saggers
Horses, in particular, Arabian Horses have been my passion since childhood.  My husband, Mark and I found Asab Arabians in 1981, the arrival of our daughter, Jessica, some years later led to the formation of Stonevale Performance.  Together we have campaigned horses at both Arabian as well as Open shows and Dressage events, including Australian champion level both under saddle and in halter. 
We are a boutique stud that has gathered together representatives of Polish greats such as Piaff, Monogramm, Alegro and Gadir.  The Russian powerhouse Kubinec is represented by his daughter Allure AA and son, Kubinex.  
At present residing at the stud are Arabian Warmbloods, Arabian Pony, API and we have previously bred Anglo and Arabian stock horse.    Our derivative breeding focuses on producing dressage and pony dressage mounts
Through Arabian horses, I have had opportunities to meet people and further my education, including gaining a Diploma of Equine Acupuncture and nearing completion of a Diploma of Equine Naturopathy.
Our horses are family, and we take great pride in seeing them grow up and become valuable members of the horse community.
VIC -  Sally Harvey
I spoke of my experience with Arabians in my nomination. My love affair with these amazing animals as only strengthened over time. (I purchased my first purebred mare in 1980)
My knowledge is still growing - the more I learn, the more I realise how much more there is to know.  We have a small broodmare band and saddled up with my 'old fashioned’ philosophies of what makes for a great, working horse, e.g. great legs and ‘quiet' intelligence, we intend to build on the powerful, genetic foundation created by others.
VIC – Gudrun Martini
From 1964 I have worked, bred, trained, exhibited and judged Arabians and Arabian Derivatives. Working on Fenwick Stud for 6 and a half years before starting my own stud which is named "Heritage Arabians "
I have also spent many years as a Judge's Mentor/Educator, Judge's examiner and a member of the Judges Executive Committee, Chairman of the JEC for 2 years.
30 years on the Committee of the Victorian Arabian Horse Association, many years as Secretary and Chairman. 
SA – Kevin Howard
I have been involved with the Arabian Horse for over 45 years as a breeder, owner & exhibitor.
I was honoured in 2011 to receive a Distinguished Service Award.  
SA – Jodie Luck
For the past 14 years I have competed at both state and national level in endurance competition and my family and I continue to be very passionate about the sport. I have ridden over 8000kms, in four different states, have 4 Tom Quilty Gold Cup 160kms Buckles and 3 400km Shahzada marathon buckles.
My prized purebred mare, Lindall Alabaska aka ‘Abbey’ and I have completed over 4500kms together, she has since been retired sound, and is happily living life in the broodmare paddock expecting her first purebred foal in January 2020.
My longstanding passion for Arabians led to the establishment of my business, Almazaan Stud, in 2009. I breed Arabians and Derivatives for function, athleticism and temperament to be riding horses for multi-disciplinary purpose.  Almazaan progeny have been sold to homes Australia wide for use across various disciplines.
Question 2:
Describe/detail any Board and/or Business experience you have. (Board meaning Company Board of Directors rather than Club/Society)
NSW – Tanya Hosking
As detailed in question 1. I am currently President of the Arabian Horse Connection (AHC) and was previously Secretary for the NSW Arabian horse Association (NSW AHA). Other than being very involved with both the NSW AHA and AHC I have not had any formal experience as a Director of a Company limited by guarantee. I have, however, studied the ASIC requirements and believe that I am more than capable of fulfilling my duties as a Director and fully understand the issues of governance which all Directors must abide by.
I currently occupy a management position in a small firm, where I am responsible for supervision and management of employees, in addition to working alongside them. I work with stakeholders, shareholders and councils and am responsible for planning and maintaining work systems, IT, quality assurance, procedures and policies that enable optimum performance. I have formal qualifications in Business Management and Auditing.
NSW – Adam King
Manager of KING ESTATE and KING ESTATE INTL. Since 1981. 
Manager of KEI DESIGN 
Manager of ‘Bendee’ at Bingara, a cattle operation and expansion to endurance and racing market. 
For the last 10 years I’ve been working with Rural Giant, Elders as Branch Manager @ Windsor and Business development Manager for Greater Sydney. Elders is a multi national corporate, performance driven, with strong values and driven by corporate governance and a strict code of conduct.and ethics. Performance driven - resultdriven / problem solving / financial and p”lSales experience - negatiation Change management - key performance Indicators and achievable targets.Formal and on the job Training earned me a number of qualifications in Sales, business operations and change management. Safety and risk was part of my role. 
Last year I designed and effected the construction of a state of the art warehouse and retail complex for elders, as the project manager and physically moved the business location and underwent a National re-Brand.
The construction of this facility was nominated for an Agsafe stewardship award.
Recently I was given the opportunity to set up a new business in the Sydney Basin. Agriwest Rural, opened its doors for retail shopping on sept 28 and is exceeding expections, principally due to customer loyalty and trust. AgriWest is a Ruralco/CRT business, who has recently merged with Landmark under the Nutrien Ag Solutions banner.
My duties include: 
Report directly to GM.
Regular financial and operational reports to board.
Safety and Risk.
Manage and develop staff 
Sales Management 
Business development and change.
King Estate, while considerably smaller now, is actively involved in both Purebred, Derivatives and other breeds. While I don’t run horses around the ring, I train my own horses and for clients.I do consultancy work and valuations, along with training a number of young enthusiasts, budding judges and acting as advisor to a number of operations.
NSW – Greg Liddle
I have been a Board member for the past 2 years, taking on the position of Chairman in 2019. During this time I have had the pleasure of working with a very hard working and innovative team. I held meetings in every state in 2019 and had the pleasure of meeting many of our members, this gave me an opportunity to hear their concerns some of which have already been remedied and others are currently being actioned. The Board have brought about quite a few changes in the past 12 months with the closing of our 2 subsidiary companies imminent. We have also engaged several members of the AHSA to work with both myself and our secretary, Helen to produce another draft constitution addressing concerns expressed by members. This will be circulated to members and voted on at the AGM.
I have served on the Board of a food processing company which I was also general manager of. I have also been plant manager of another food processing establishment and Quality Assurance manager for both Australia and New Zealand for yet another food plant.
QLD – Doug Rutherford
After my years of managing horse studs ,I took up a position as Queensland State Sales Manager for a treated pine timber company then progressed to be General Manager of 2 Timber companies in Queensland until I retired .
QLD – Kathy Saggers
My career experiences have centred around Banking, financial and office administration.
1981-1987 Various positions within Banking Finance Sector duties include Customer service, Secretarial, office administration
1988-1990 Worked in Family Lighting Business duties include sales, manufacture and bookkeeping
1990-1998 Various positions withing Banking Finance sector duties include Customer service, Secretarial, office administration, Lending
1988-present:  Director of MKS Financial Services, financial brokering service
2017-present:  Stonevale Performance Equine Wellness Services
From 2005 onward, I have begun to develop my Equine Wellness Service Business while still contributing to the administration of MKS Financial Services.
VIC – Sally Harvey
I have had no formal board experience. I have contributed to numerous community groups and school councils.
I have managed, owned and operated numerous small businesses. I have been and continue to be the quasi accountant for our own family company operating successfully in Victoria since 1994. Although not formerly trained as an accountant, managing finances and payroll etc. has been one of my primary functions for many years. Numbers don’t phase me. I have an excellent eye for detail and ’things out of place’.
VIC – Gudrun Martini
Served as an AHSA Director from 2010 - 2016.
Manager of my own Stud.
Self Employed part time Tour Director. 
Retired Administration Office with Auspost. Main job description 
Human Resources 
Customer service 
Check and preparing Timesheets for Employees pays
SA – Kevin Howard
I have degrees in both accounting and law and have been in practice as a chartered accountant for 52 years advising enterprises/businesses of just about every kind, large and small.
In my professional capacity I have been a Director of numerous public and private companies.
For 26 years I was Chairman of both our local public and Private (community owned) hospitals (until I retired from both of these rolls 3 years ago
SA – Jodie Luck
Accepting the vacancy on the AHSA Board is my first foray into a Directorship at this level. I am however the current Vice President of the South Australian Endurance Riders Association (an Incorporated Association) and the SAERA representative on the national body for endurance, the Australian Endurance Riders Association. I am Founder and Chair of my own business, Almazaan Stud and an integral part of the administration and management of my husband's medical company, Andrew Luck Pty Ltd.
Question 3:
Briefly detail your philosophy moving forward for the Society and breed.
NSW – Tanya Hosking
I believe it is crucial to act in the best interests of all members of the Society and not for the interests of a select group (eg Showing, Endurance, Pony Club, Breeders, Pleasure Owners etc). It is important to ensure transparency to members and ultimately make decisions based on the legal duty and to act with reasonable care and diligence. I believe that it is crucial for all Directors to work towards uniting the membership moving forward, and to look for ways to increase membership and try to halt the flow of dwindling numbers.
Governance skills and the ability to listen to the membership is a paramount part of having a cohesive board whose objectives should collectively be to work toward being primarily responsible for the long-term growth and prosperity of the breed and the Society.
I have come to know over my time within the Industry that it is so important to listen and welcome feedback from members: their ideas, requests, needs and concerns. They need to feel a part of their Society and not feel excluded in matters that directly affect them as breeders, exhibitors, show organisers or concerned members of the breed.
NSW – Adam King
The Arabian horse community and therefore the future of the Arabian horse itself is at a tipping point; the outcome of this crossroads we face will determine the future survival of the very breed we love and cherish.
While I believe that most have the best interests of the breed at heart, there are very different and varied opinions on how we should proceed from this point. 
We, as a fraternity of breeders, trainers, enthusiasts and other interested people, face a variety of challenges and have a great number of group or personal issues, however I think we are all in agreement that the current process is not working and there is very little agreement on how to move forward from here.
There is a lot of passion and that is wonderful to see! Too often though it turns to politics, personalities and an endless range of individual gripes, some valid, some simply venting.
From my experience in the Arabian and wider horse Industry and my proven track record in problem solving , change management and negotiation, i can offer my opinion confident that if this process is undertaken, a concensus of opinion can be reached by all interested parties, one issue at a time - everyone will feel heard and represented in a totally transparent and independently validated process.
Back to basics.
Review our values:Integrity, common sense, loyalty, accountable, communication , transparency, ingenuity.
Review our Mission to promote a Sustainable Society and Community.
Engage the membership and stakeholders and make decisions together with support and advocacy from the members!.
Better our ‘standing’ in the horse community as not only a horse of choice but a registry of choice.
Drill down the P&L and Balance sheet and look at past trends.Decide on and operate a plan for a sustainable business 
Audit at all processes and procedures.
Get legal advice from independent legal and financial counsel on all aspects of constitution, rules and regulations.
Re-boot our judges community with strong leadership and regular training.
Business as usual until changes are approved.
We have to make things more affordable and more inclusive. We have to make events fun again, or make fun events - difficult in this busy age, but I’ve seen it happen when there is an individual that has the drive and the energy to make it happen and the result is engaging, joyful..
My view is that Affiliates should be treated as valued partners. The front line of our community. Ensuring they have all the support and training they need while participating on national promotions and holding shows.
 NSW – Greg Liddle
Our breed, like all others, is experiencing a downturn in interest. I firmly believe that positive and friendly interaction between members and the general public is a positive move forward. This is a job for all members.  The Board have already commenced this by some advertising detailing Arabians excelling in different fields of equine sport. I think that promotion of our breed is paramount to the future well being of our Society. Bad publicity and negativity within the membership is no good at all for the public perception of our breed. From a business point I think we should continue to investigate and promote our office capabilities by actively looking for further opportunities within our core business structure.
QLD – Doug Rutherford
If elected and supported, the matters I would hope that can lead to change will be;
  • To work with sound professional advice for the financial stability of the AHSA
  • To encourage a friendly social media interaction with the AHSA. The social media policy needs to be reviewed .
  • Judging; education and selection of all judges advancement. With a group of knowledgeable experienced Judges
  • The Arabian Horse News Magazine, is a vital publication for communication and promotion. To remain part of the AHSA, not to be controlled outside the AHSA
  • To form a pathway in which Arabian horses can be encouraged to attend Agriculture shows and rewarded for their effort to promote the breed in doing so.
  • All competition in which the Arabian horse competes and excels to be evenly encouraged and rewarded
  • Youth Australian Championships – Promotion, in all and anyway possible
  • To enable divisions, groups, to run their own shows, their own format, their own selection of classes and appoint their own judges.
QLD – Kathy Saggers
To raise the level of education of Arabian horse ownership, as breeders, judges, competitors and lovers of this beautifully functional breed.
To provide sound systems and procedures so that all are competing or being assessed are treated equally.
Open, educated and rational discussions for the betterment of the breed.
Clear, open and concise communication between all levels of governance within the breed.
To bring the Arabian breed to the forefront of the general public in a positive manner and set high benchmarks of good horsemanship that other breeds strive to replicate. 
VIC – Sally Harvey
After coming back to the Arabian horse after an absence of 30+ years - it is evident that whilst numbers are down, the quality of the breed has surged forward.
Technology, science and the media have created opportunities to further the breed and these need to be utilised in a constructive way.
I have been struck recently, however, by the negativity displayed towards the board and the industry as a whole. Social media is both a benefit and a curse. 
I make no judgement about this but it is at times like this that an open mind is needed to keep issues moving forward in a proactive way.
My modus operandi is lateral thinking and pursuing alternative options to resolve matters and achieve consensus. Not always possible and a business-like objectivity has to be the main driver at times. However, there is always another option to any challenge requiring a solution.
The industry needs consensus not collateral damage. If it can move forward in a cohesive way with re-invigorated, long term vision - it should thrive.
VIC – Gudrun Martini
I believe the future of the Arabian Horse is to promote to the wider community, such as the family/leisure industry. The Society needs to gain greater acceptance in the wider horses industry. 
I would work toward the Board being more conciliatory towards it's Membership. 
SA – Kevin Howard
I have a completely open mind as to whatever is necessary to enhance and promote the Arabian breed and its owners/members.
SA – Jodie Luck
As a breeder, I deeply value registration in the AHSA studbook and registries and as such, all of my horses have been registered. Although registration is not mandatory in the world of endurance, l feel very strongly about the importance of maintaining the studbook and registries not only to promote the purity of the breed but to ensure the management of genetic conditions.
It is my view that both the maintaining of our breed’s history and the future record keeping to maintain bloodlines and purity is an essential function of the AHSA, and in turn, should also be of primary importance to the Board of Directors. Australia is currently breeding, owning and campaigning the very best Purebred and Derivative horses across every discipline, and to ensure this continues, a united approach between the AHSA and the membership is vital. I believe that the AHSA and our members can continue to maintain the quality of our horses and the depth of our passion by moving forward together which will in turn raise the profile of the breed and bring more people in to the AHSA family.
Question 4:
Define your understanding of the differences in responsibility and duties between being on a club/society committee vs being on the Board of Directors of a Company.
NSW – Tanya Hosking
As a current committee member (President), I work with others to steer the ‘group’ in the right direction to achieve a common goal – being running two successful shows per year. The committee collectively work together alongside members, volunteers and sponsors to make the ‘group’ a success.
A Board is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of a Company. It holds ultimate responsibility and accountability for a Company’s activities and performance. A board does not typically get involved in the day to day running of a Company, rather it delegates this to designated staff who report back to the board. Board members are required by law to act collectively in decision making, not individually and may be held legally responsible for decisions, even if individuals do not support decisions.
The Arabian Horse Society Board operates under a Constitution and Regulations with the aim to further and retain relevance of the Arabian Horse in Australia amongst other things. A company has more detailed requirements in law and is directly responsible to its shareholders/members. Board members are required to act in a manner as defined by the Corporations Act; as a Director of a Company limited by guarantee you must abide by the Governance issues as defined within the Act.
These requirements are much more stringent than for a Club or Association and a Director can be liable for breaching their duty of care. Directors can be held legally responsible for any misdemeanours or breaching fiduciary duties whilst a member of the Board of a Company limited by guarantee.
NSW – Adam King
Principally, Board members will be subject to high levels of corporate and legal governance and will be under greater scrutiny with regard to conduct. 
“Committees have limited authority, power, and responsibilities, and each committee should operate under its own charter or terms of reference. The board retains ultimate responsibility for any actions made by the committee” Quote from Wikipedia.
Obviously, this is dependent on the complexity of our organisation at any point in time. In Australia, Corporate Governance is becoming a big issue.  In larger bodies, boards are becoming more professional by providing more technical training in duties, roles and responsibilities; appointing new directors with relevant experience; and focusing on board composition designed to compliment skills, knowledge and experience.
NSW – Greg Liddle
Whilst both a business and a club or association effectively promote their particular sport the difference, in my opinion, is that a company board are responsible for the running of a business. A company board has a responsibility to oversea the future of the Company and hopefully have the fore thought to look at the impact that current trends in income flow can cause and plan for any future trends so that the Company moves forward in a strong position. A company board is also responsible for its corporate governance and making sure that they stay abreast of all legal and corporate law changes.
QLD – Doug Rutherford
I believe the responsibilities’ of a member of a Board of Directors is;
  • To act in good faith and for a proper purpose
  • To act with due care, skill and diligence
  • To ensure the financial affairs of the Society are managed responsibly
  • To avoid conflict of interests
  • Not to misuse position or information
  • Not to disclose confidential information
  • Not to take opportunities for the company for yourself
QLD – Kathy Saggers
The primary purpose of Clubs is event organisers. The Board of the AHSA provides the governance and operating framework to enable our members and affiliates to pursue their goals and ambitions. 
Directors are responsible for the corporate governance of the Arabian Horses Society of Australia LTD.  Each director must perform his duties in good faith and in a manner that best serves the interests of the AHSA LTD. 
The legal functions of the Board and the individual Directors include
.  Avoiding conflicts of interest
.  Fairness
.  Corporate opportunity (ahead of personal)
.  Confidentiality.
A director must perform his duties in good faith and in a manner that he serves for the best interest of the corporation
ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) require Directors to ensure compliance with general and specific laws applying to the company’s operations.  Under the Corporations Act, the general duties of Directors include:
  • The duty to exercise your powers and duties with the care and diligence that a reasonable person would have which includes taking steps to ensure you are properly informed about the financial position of the company and ensuring the company doesn't trade if it is insolvent.
  • The duty to exercise your powers and duties in good faith in the best interest of the company and for a proper purpose
  • The duty not to improperly use your position to gain an advantage for yourself or someone else, or to cause detriment to the company, and
  • The duty not to improperly use information obtained through your position to gain an advantage for yourself or someone else, or to cause detriment to the company
VIC – Sally Harvey
Called me 'old-fashioned' again - but there should be no differences. Other than the level of legal liability. Company directors are legally liable for their decisions. They have a fiduciary duty to the people they purport to represent.
It is only too easy to espouse principled or ethical beliefs. IMO and when acting on behalf of others, they are imperative to maintain.
VIC – Gudrun Martini
Legal and Fiscal responsible.
Duty of care to Members and in this case also to the Stud Book.
SA – Kevin Howard
Directors of Companies are subject by law to extensive rules and regulations which include governance, financial, integrity and transparent behaviour obligations, but in reality theses should apply to every position that a person holds no matter what type of enterprise it is
SA – Jodie Luck
There are significant differences between the financial and reporting requirements of a corporate body and an incorporated Association in that the compliance and regulatory requirements for entities governed by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) are more arduous and involve mandatory financial reporting to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. I understand that as a Director of a public company limited by guarantee I am required to act for the benefit of the company as a whole. The key duties of a Director are to act in good faith in the best interest of the company, act with reasonable care and diligence, avoid conflicts of interests, and only exercise the powers of the Board as prescribed in the Articles of Association and to never improperly use company information to gain a position of advance for themselves.
Although the requirements of a club committee member under the legislation governing Associations are not as prescriptive as that of an entity governed by the Corporations Act, the primary principles of reasonable care and diligence and acting in the best interest of the company or association remain the same.