2018/19 Board Nominee Questionaire

The following was emailed to all candidates: 

As you are aware, there have been a number of members requesting that candidates for election to the Board of AHSA Ltd answer a series of questions relating to their experience and objectives. Although Facebook is a valuable tool it is not one that can be relied on and some candidates do not frequent the site. In order to give every candidate an equal opportunity to respond, the Management Sub-Committee (excluding the one who is a candidate) have put together a series of questions (attached).  

Participation in this questionnaire is purely voluntary but as you can appreciate it is important that it is completed by you and not by someone seeking to assist. 

If you do not feel that one or more questions relate to you then you are under no obligation to complete those.  

Any responses need to be emailed back to me at secretary@ahsa.asn.au prior to close of business on 23rd November 2017. The answers will then be posted on the Society website on 24th November for all members to view. 

Kind regards,
Helen Dohan