Jayne Bellchambers (Trainer)

Jayne Bellchambers  (Trainer)
Gordons Rd
Yarragon, VIC 3823
Home Phone: 03 56342168
Mobile Phone: 0419346218
Stud Name: Westacres
Previously Bred: Purebred Arabians, Partbred Arabians, Arabian Ponies, Arabian Stockhorses, Arabian Riding Ponies
Bred within the last three years: Purebred Arabians, Arabian Ponies, Arabian Riding Ponies
AHSA Judge Level: International Level A
AHSA International Judge: Yes

Judging Appointments

Australian National Arabian Championships

2017 Halter

Judging Appointments

AHSA Affiliated Shows in Australia

2007 Downs Arabian Group Youth & Amateuer show QLD Halter, Saddle & Youth classes
2011 NSW State Titles NSW Derivative Halter
2011 ARABS Inc Spring Show ACT Halter, Ridden and performance
2012 Victorian Non Pro Show VIC Halter, Youth and ridden.
2013 Carabi Pre Royal VIC Halter, Ridden and performance
2014 Champion of Champions Show, TAS Halter and Ridden
2014 NSW State Titles NSW Arabian Halter and Ridden.
2014 Western District Arabianb Spectacular VIC Derivative Halter and Ridden
2015 Barastoc HOY Arabian Section VIC Halter and Ridden
2015 WA All Arabian Show WA Halter
2015 SA Arabian Championships SA Ridden and Youth
2017 Australian National Arabian Championships NSW Halter
2018 Queensland Arabian Gala Encore QLD Arabian & Derivative Halter & Performance
2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show NSW Arabian Derivative, Halter and Saddle
2019 Queensland Challenge QLD Arabian & Derivative Halter
2019 Stars in the Valley VIC Arabian & Derivative Halter

Judging Appointments

Arabian Shows in New Zealand

2018 Taranaki Premier Show New Plymouth Halter & Saddle
2019 Canterbury Royal Show Christchurch Halter and Saddle

Judging Appointments

Other Equine Shows

2008 Beaufort Agricultural Show Beaufort Arabian and Palomino
2009 Ayr Hill Pre Royal Show Ayr Hill all breeds
2009 Geelong Royal Show Geelong Miniature
2009 Ballarat Agricultural Show Ballarat Arabian
2017 Vic Mini Champs Elmore
2018 Bunyip Agricultural show Bunyip APSB, Pinto
2019 Geelong Royal Show Geelong Arabian, Welsh, Fresian led and ridden

Judges’ Seminars Attended

2009 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2011 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2012 judges seminar AHSA
2014 Judges seminar AHSA
2016 Judges seminar AHSA
2017 Judges Congress, Sydney AHSA
2018 Judges Congress Melbourne AHSA