Judges Information and Forms

To be updated with Judges & Officials Guild information prior to the Judges, Members & Enthusiasts Congress in July 2019.

Judges Forms

Judges Contract 2019 - 2020                                     
 A Judges Contract must be completed and signed by each AHSA Panel Judge annually. 
Judges Return, Re-Accreditiation and Payment 2019                                                                
 A Judges Annual Return must be completed and lodged by each AHSA Panel Judge annually.
 This Annual Return must be lodged with The Guild by 7th July 2019.
National Panel Judges Specialist Form                     
 This Form is to be completed by National Panel Judges who wish to elect which sections  to be listed to judge.                            
 To be completed by AHSA Panel Judges whose details require updating
 To be completed and lodged by AHSA Panel Judges wishing to upgrade to a higher level. 
 This Upgrade Form may be submitted at any time.
 A guide on how you update your Judges Profile