Clean Sport

Fairness and equity at every level of equine sport and activity is a priority for the AHSA. We believe strongly in upholding the rules of equestrian sport, in maintaining the integrity of the Arabian & Arabian Derivative breeds and to protecting animal welfare in all activities in which our registered horses engage.

To this end, the AHSA, in conjunction with both The Guild and the Arabian Show & Events Company, has adopted an updated Drug Testing Policy & Control System, created in accordance with FEI regulations at the very highest level of equine sport. To download a copy of this policy, please follow the link to and click on the AHSA Medication and Testing Policy and Rules link.

For a complete list of Prohibited Substances regulated by the FEI, please visit the FEI website - Clean Sport for Horses.     

Disciplinary Actions enforced by the AHSA Board of Directors for violations of AHSA Rules & Regulations in regards to Clean Sport & Equine Welfare are listed on the Disciplinary Actions page.