Becoming a Judge

Do you love Arabian Horses ? 

Do you love attending horse shows ?

Would you like to help improve the quality of registered Arabian Horses ?

Would you like to be adjudicating at shows and ensuring that the best horses win in competition ?

Perhaps you would like to become an Arabian Horse Society of Australia Panel Judge ?

All AHSA Accredited Judges are held to the highest standard.  They have passed the AHSA written examination and practical assessment, are approved by the JEC and accepted by The Board of Directors.  Judges will be approved for inclusion on one of the following Panels: International Judge, National Judge, Level Two Judge and Level One Probationary Judge.  

Your first step is to become a Judge Candidate. 

Judge Candidate Criteria:

  • you must be a financial member of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. and must have been financial for the preceding year.
  • must agree to a Police Clearance Check or Working With Children Check or to provide same and be prepared to sign a declaration stating that they have no criminal convictions, in particular for child related offences or any form of animal cruelty.
  • must agree to their contact details being public.
  • must nominate by completing the Judge Candidate Nomination Form and returning to the address listed with the nomination fee of $50.00. This fee covers the Candidate for a period of not less than two years to attend AHSA seminars, workshops etc but not the actual Assessment or Examination.

Study Standards of Excellence as well as the Study Notes and Rule Book. Read as much study information as possible and plan which Workshops you will be attending. The JEC can advise of workshops / clinics in your area. It is mandatory to complete at least two of the three Workshops and each Workshop will have no additional administration cost incurred. There may be a small catering or venue fee involved. It is also strongly recommended that you Steward at a show at least twice prior to sitting the Assessment. If you wish, you may attend all of the Workshops and you may Steward as many times as you like. Please keep a diary of the dates and details of any workshop, Judging appointments and stewarding appointments in case these are called for at a later date.

Once you have completed all requirements, you will be eligible to sit an initial Assessment which will be held at a date to be determined each year. You will be advised in due course of the exact date and location of the Assessment.

Assessment Day: You will complete a theory paper as well as a practical assessment of the Purebred Arabian Halter, Derivative Halter and Saddle as well as a general discussion with the Assessors. After the Assessment Day, the Assessors will mark the papers and forward the results to the Arabian Horse Society of Australia who will in turn, send you a letter advising you of the outcome of your endeavour.

Candidates who pass will then be admitted to the Panel as Probationary Level One Judges.

Please carefully read the steps required and if you are interested, complete the Judge Candidate Nomination Form here and return it with your Nomination Fee of $50.00 and your other necessary documents to the AHSA Office.  The Judge Candidate Nomination including a Statutory Declaration can be downloaded here.

Recommended Reading

The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd Rule Book - This book can be downloaded here. 

The Arabian Standard of Excellence - This book can be downloaded here.

The Arabian Derivative Standard of Excellence - This book is temporarily unavailable as it is under review.

The Horse Conformation Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas - available from the AHSA for $40.00 plus postage, the order form can be downloaded here.

Horse Anatomy - A Pictorial Approach to Equine Structure by Peter Goody - available from the AHSA for $50.00 plus postage, the order form can be downloaded here.