Honorary Life Members
Any person who in the opinion of the Board has rendered special services of at least ten consecutive years to the Society and the Arabian breed of horses may be appointed as an Honorary Life Member by that Board.

 Honorary Life Members of The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd.
1967 Mrs A D D Maclean
1972 Mrs E E Hirst
          Mr W J B Murphy
1973 Mrs J Luckock
          Mr G Prince
1976 Mr J A Wyatt
1979 Mr L A Campbell
          Mr C C Readhead
          Mr P S James
          Mr G M Cockburn
1982 Mr J H Mathiske
1986 Dr F R Staunton
1992  Mrs L W Dowey
1993  Mrs V Males
           Mr R P Males
           Mr P J Pond
           Mr C H D Nye
1995  Mrs E Bligh
           Mrs C Ros
           Mrs M Sharman
           Mr T Sharman
1998  Mrs H Nichol
           Mrs P Slater
           Mrs C Gordon
2000  Mr K Snell
           Mrs S A George
2001  Mrs C A Cornish
           Mrs R M Sayer
2002  Mrs M Bennett-Elliott
2004  Mr T Canacott
2005  Mr P Absell 
           Mrs E Staunton
           Mrs L Bailey
2007  Mrs E Williams
           Mrs G Lanigan
           Mr R Smith
2008  Mrs T Hawley
           Mrs W Carins
2009  Mr L Nicolle
2010  Bro P McIntosh
2011  Miss K Luckock
           Mrs J Marsh
2013  Mrs N Kinnear 
           Mrs L Currie
2014  Mrs S Meyers
           Ms S Ahel
           Mrs J Bromley
2016  Ms K McMahon
2017  Mr Allan Preston
           Mrs Marian Duncan

Distinguished Service Awards

The AHSA presents Distinguished Service Awards to acknowledges the valuable support and outstanding achievements of individuals that have demonstated exceptional service to the Australian Arabian Horse community.

 Distinguished Service Award Recipients    
Karen Fletcher-Grieve
Sandra Hale

Kirsty Bayliss
Marian Duncan
Kay Edward
Christine Haigh
Sheila Jones
NSW Arabian Horse Association   

Greg Farrell
Julie Farrell
Jane Farrell
Richard Sharman
Maya Jaehne
Kathy Saggers
Graham Smith

Donna Greene                                     
Rosemary Dumbleton                       
Kaye Slattery
Colleen Rutherford
Marilyn Thomas
Deborah Barrett
Gail Iskra
Janet Fritz
Jean Muir
Robert Browne
Andrea Dobson 
Nell Marshman
Camille Alexander
Alison Hudson
Robert Burgess                               
Margaret Potts
Geoff Tucker
Kevin Howard
Mini Pankhurst
Sue Warren
Peter Toft
Jill Vanstone
Richard Walsh
Narelle Kinnear
Gudrun Martini                           
Joan Flynn
Sue Gredley
Katherine McMahon             
Ruth Liddell
Carole Rose
Virginia Dodson
Sherry Fenton
Penny Jenkins
John Newton 
Jill Gregson
Maureen Milburn
Sue Crockett
Lindsay Knight 
Francesca Davies-Graham   
Sheila Weigall
Marie Hutchison
Dr and Mrs Arnheim
Patricia (Rica) Ainge
Leonie Williamson
Marty and Charles (Chuck) Stephens
Kaye Rogers
Karen Bruce
Ian and Dalveen Gregory
Keith Stevens
Yvonne and Rob Day
Eileen Wolfe
Larry Osborne

  Click here to download the Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form

 WAHO Trophy

The AHSA chooses one living Arabian horse each year, bred and still domiciled in Australia and registered in our WAHO approved stud book, which in the opinion of the Board deserves to be presented with this award for a particular achievement. Ideally, WAHO has requested that they should look for an Arabian horse which has itself in some way been an excellent “ambassador” for the breed or, in the case of older horses, has achieved the same through its immediate progeny.

 WAHO Trophy Winners
 2017 - Craveff S24092 2010 - Sarisha G22219
 2016 - Desperado S16103 2009 - Ralvon Morning Star F17005
 2015 - Klass S23784 2008 - Chip Chase Sadaqa S3443
 2014 - Kathmar Park Maverick G18305 2007 - Arundel House Roulette S15672
 2013 - Sunland Australian Ambassador S10043 2006 - Camalot Lahana F17780
 2012 2005 - Bremervale Justice G19886