Arabian Ambassador

Awarded annually to an Arabian who best exemplify the spirit, attributes and excellence of the Arabian breeds, specifically those who demonstrate considerable positive exposure for the Arabian & Arabian Derivative Breeds within the greater equine community as well as to the general public.  

Horses participating in all disciplines of equine sport from Pony Club to Olympic level competition, as well as those involved in equine therapy and rehabilitative services will be equivalently considered by the current AHSA Bord during the selection process.

Breeding horses, especially those with a significant number of progeny that are serving or have served as breed ambassadors within the greater equine community, are also eligible to receive this prestigious honour.

To be eligible, the nominated horse must be: 
  • Living
  • Registered with the AHSA
  • Bred & domiciled in Australia
  • Be owned by a financial AHSA member
  • Nominated by any financial AHSA member

The AHSA Ambassador Award, in both the purebred Arabian & Arabian Derivative categories, shall be awarded ONLY ONCE to any eligible horse in its lifetime.

2019 Arabian Ambassador - Ennovyar Deep Affection

Ennovyar Deep Affection - F30190 (aka Flirt) Is a 14.2 hds, deep chestnut Purebred mare. By the well known sire Lauralyn Bay Magic, from a little mare who was successful at halter, saddle, dressage, eventing and endurance, Ennovyar Deep Velvet.   Flirt was destined to become a good working horse.

Although not a “show horse”, she had wins and placings at halter as a youngster at A grade shows.  Once started under saddle she won championships, special awards and variety events like Bridle Path Hack, Pleasure and Show Hunter.  Although she performed well, her heart was not in it.  She ventured into dressage with a few wins and placings, and although she did everything asked of her, she was not overly happy.

She loved trail riding and being able to explore.  She was happy with a young or inexperienced rider and was always on her best behaviour.  She was unfazed about having a young horse led from her and pushing her around and being annoying until they learned the ropes.

We started on a few endurance rides she had found her niche.   She will let me know when she is ready to drop back to a walk or when she is ready to go on again in a gentle trot, a strong trot or her all-energy power trot, which other horses (a lot bigger than her) have trouble keeping up with.

In 2017 I decided to compete in the Australian Masters Games, in showjumping (the only equestrian sport on offer).  In July we started training with poles on the ground, to crossed rails and small obstacles.  My training area is tiny and there wasn’t room to set up a double. Flirt loved this new challenge.  She progressed exceptionally well and we entered the jumping events at the fun gymkhana in September and came home with two blue ribbons from two events.

Next were the four events at the Masters Games.  The first event was the Table A and she had three jump offs to take the Gold Medal.  Next was the Six Bar, which  was a big ask as we had done very little practice over related fences.  She was a little trooper and didn’t hit a fence until the fifth jump off, to give her the Silver Medal.

Next was the Two Phase Jumping and she did a beautiful round to win the Gold Medal.   Her last event was the Scurry and Flirt took out the Silver Medal.

In June Flirt competed in the Tasmanian 160km Endurance Ride, and was second in the Lightweight  and won the Best Managed Horse award.  A 40km ride in August, an 80km ride in September, and the TQ18 160km Ride in October.  She completed and brought home a much sought after Quilty buckle, as well as a badge for being part of a successful team.

Flirt exemplifies the characteristics of a true Arabian. She has strength of body and soul, the willingness to try whatever is asked of her, and to do it well.