Arabian Ambassador

Awarded annually to an Arabian who best exemplify the spirit, attributes and excellence of the Arabian breeds, specifically those who demonstrate considerable positive exposure for the Arabian & Arabian Derivative Breeds within the greater equine community as well as to the general public.  

Horses participating in all disciplines of equine sport from Pony Club to Olympic level competition, as well as those involved in equine therapy and rehabilitative services will be equivalently considered by the current AHSA Bord during the selection process.

Breeding horses, especially those with a significant number of progeny that are serving or have served as breed ambassadors within the greater equine community, are also eligible to receive this prestigious honour.

To be eligible, the nominated horse must be: 
  • Living
  • Registered with the AHSA
  • Bred & domiciled in Australia
  • Be owned by a financial AHSA member
  • Nominated by any financial AHSA member

The AHSA Ambassador Award, in both the purebred Arabian & Arabian Derivative categories, shall be awarded ONLY ONCE to any eligible horse in its lifetime.


2020 Arabian Ambassador - Malleegrove Mandalla

Malleegrove Mandalla S23009 (Manny) was bred in South Australia by Peta Dickson of Malleegrove Arabians, and purchased by Jessie and John Preece and Caroline Payne of Arreton Arabians as a 12 year old stallion.   Malleegrove Mandalla is by the Arabian stallion Taywoona Qariim S16241 and out of Arabian mare Maricol Narelle F12852.

Jessie says that attempting to summarise the achievements of a horse is not a simple thing. Especially in the case of a horse like Malleegrove Mandalla. While he is an accomplished show horse and has proven himself time and time again over a broad range of performance arenas, it isn’t the achievements in the ring that make him so special.  His performance career began when purchased by Jessie, John and Caroline and he has been giving people opportunities along the way, with a number of people having achieving their ‘firsts’ on and with Manny. Enjoying not only their first harness experience with Manny but also their first harness competition experience.

No matter what we challenge Manny with he always takes it in his stride and has never said no. He is the epitome of the versatile Arabian and he enjoys every moment of it. He is passing on his fantastic temperament and nature to his progeny and we are very excited to see them follow in his hoofprints.

WeJessie, john and Caroline would also like to thank everyone who has helped Manny along the way, through him we have made lifelong friends and memories.




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