AHSA Forms

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  Rule Book        (Arabian Sport Horse Rules)                             

  Member Forms

 Horse Forms     

  Individual Membership Application  Application for Registration
  Joint Membership Application  Application to Record an Arabian Performance Horse
  Company Membership Application  Testicle Report
  Junior Membership Application  Application for Transfer of Registration   
  Participant Membership Application  Official Return of Lease (Lease Application)
  Friends of The Arabian Horse Membership Application                                Application for DNA, CA, LFS, SCID and Other Genetic Testing
  Form Of Authority                             Application for CA, LFS, SCID and Other Genetic Testing from NSW          
  Form Of Authority for a Person Under 18 Years of Age    Notification of Intention To Use a Stallion 2017/2018
  Stud Prefix Application  Stallion Return for 2015/2016 (no longer compulsory)
  Stud Prefix Conversion  Stallion Return for 2016/2017 (no longer compulsory) 
  Non-Pro Declaration  Application to Export Semen
  Order Form for Merchandise  Using Frozen Semen from Overseas
  Stud Name Board Order Form  Artificial Insemination Permit
   Mare Embryo Transfer Nomination
  Members Annual Stud Return (no longer compulsory)  Embryo Ownership Form
   Embryo Sale Form
  Award Nomination Forms  
  WAHO Award Nomination  
  Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form  
  Endurance Horse Of The Year Nomination Form  
  Arabian Racehorse Of The Year Nomination Form