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A lifelong horseman with an innate passion for animals and husbandry, Scott was introduced to the Arabian horse at age nine, when Benjamin Arabians began as a modest family breeding program. From these humble beginnings, Scott has pursued his passion for horses – in particular, the Arabian breed – as both a full-time profession and life-long mission for over 40 years.

Having earned a Bachelors of Animal Science, with an emphasis on Equine Management and Breeding/Genetics, at Michigan State University, home to one of the largest and longest-running Arabian horse breeding programmes in North America, Scott moved directly from university to the State Studs of Poland, working for five years at Michalow State Stud under the direction of universally renowned breeder and horseman Ignacy Jaworowski. This invaluable life experience further forged Scott’s dedication and commitment to the Arabian breed. This essential partnership with Poland has endured for more than 25 years, during which time Scott has had the opportunity to remain in active service to the horses, the people and country through continued involvement with Polish Arabian Horse Days, the Pride of Poland Auction, the Arabian Breeders Insights Tours and the Cracow Arabian Horse Festival.

From this initial international experience, the global Arabian Community has become an integral part of Scott’s professional life as a horseman. Working as a consultant, advisor, educator, evaluator, judge, steward, auctioneer, event organizer, manager, trainer, author and speaker, Scott has been fortunate to work with the Arabian breed, as well as the people who breed, love and care for the Arabian horse, in over 30 countries on six continents. During that time, Scott has served actively in leadership roles on the boards and committees of several equine and animal industry organisations, including the Michigan State University Arabian Advisory Board, AHA Region 17 Executive Board, the AHA Genetic Diseases Task Force Subcommittee, the Calgary Arabian Horse Association and the Arabian Breeders World Cup Organising Committee in conjunction with the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance (AHBA).

Scott relocated to Australia full-time with his family in April 2016. Since 2009, Scott has been actively involved as an AHSA member and with Mulawa Arabian Stud, managing marketing, promotions and media worldwide. Scott has also been privileged to manage both the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Australian Arabian National Championships in conjunction with the AHSA Executive Board and Staff. Fully committed to a life of service to and involvement with the Arabian horse, Scott remains engaged on the management committees of both the Australian Arabian National Championships and the 2019 WAHO Conference Australia with the AHSA.

Understanding clearly the privilege and wholeheartedly accepting the responsibility of serving as an AHSA Board Member, Scott’s highest priorities are to preserve the integrity and promote the advancement of the purebred Arabian and Arabian Derivative breeds, raise awareness of and encourage involvement with the Arabian horse through promotion, education and innovative activities, as well as to collaborate with the Board of Directors and the membership to ensure the long-term financial viability and sustainability of the AHSA.