Junior Vice-Chair - Mr Heath Rowbottom

Phone: 0406 358 842
Heath Rowbottom has been dedicated to the Arabian breed from his early teens. Over his many years working within the Arabian horse community, Heath has developed a sound reputation as a fair and honest person, well known for his enthusiasm, strong values and sincere interest in the welfare of Arabian breed.

Heath has remained actively involved with the Arabian horse and the Arabian Horse Society of Australia for over 25 years, always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand no matter how menial the task. His strong work ethic has aided the success of his partnership in a very successful training and preparation facility for a number of years. For the last several years, Heath has been the manager of the well-respected Arabian breeding farm of Bacchante Arabians in Queensland owned by Diane Wright.

Heath has a real grass-roots understanding and affinity with the Arabian horse community and he also has an innate understanding of the struggle and sacrifices that many members undergo to remain actively involved with owning horses. Heath has a clear vision for our Society that is one of opportunity and enjoyment for all members from all backgrounds and horse interests.