DIRECTOR – Ms Glenys Lilley

New South Wales
Phone: 0413 273 349

With more than 40 years of involvement in the horse industry, Glenys has been both a breeder and exhibitor of generations of champion purebred Arabians and Arabian Derivatives. For well over two decades of this time she has served as a well-respected National Panel Judge for the AHSA gaining significant experience adjudicating across all divisions and disciplines, the substantial knowledge acquired by her from many years as a successful competitor riding, training & educating her own horses in a multitude of pursuits has given her a broad understanding of the equestrian industry. Still very actively involved in the Arabian horse community serving on the NSW Arabian Horse Association committee as well as being an Equine Photographer and Journalist reporting for several noted national & international publications.
However it is Glenys's personal career that holds the real key to her great depth of business capabilities. As an award-winning small business owner in the hospitality industry Glenys brings to AHSA board a proven track record of successful business experience and knowledge that is essential to effectively serve in any position as a company director. Glenys’s vision for the future of the Arabian Horse in Australia is to raise awareness and increase the brand identity of the breed to the average Australian. We must position the Arabian Horse and the Arabian Derivative Horse as the breed of choice for families, youth, first-time horse owners and non-professional horse enthusiasts seeking long-term enjoyment with an active involvement in the equine industry. Promoting the image of the Arabian / Arabian Derivative breeds positively and proactively is her highest priority.